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Develop the Tennis IQ, Competitive Mentality, and Holistic Approach necessary for you to become an Elite Professional Tennis Player.

Our specialists, inside information, and track record will ensure you maximize your potential and reach your biggest tennis goals in ways no one else can 🎾 🧠

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What's Included in each 5-week cycle?

Match Breakdown

Classes dedicated to preparing you to understand the game and win at a Professional/ Grand Slam Level. Concepts, knowledge, strategies, and secrets that are available to only the top NCAA programs and Professionals.

Elite Foundations Class

Classes geared towards developing competitive, tactical, and psychological strategies. The goal of this class is to give our students an answer for every and any competitive situation.

"I look for every advantage in becoming my best. Building my tennis IQ through Mission Elite is a big part of my edge. They provide so much exclusive value and knowledge that you can't get elsewhere"

Brayden Schnur
Career High World Ranking #92

"I love the Tennis University that Mission Elite has in place. Everyone is so helpful and the knowledge is incredible. I've been extremely happy with my progress and improvements since working with them."

Mirjam Bjorklund
Career High World Ranking #123

"Mission Elite Tennis University helps me so much. The support from the staff not only helps me gain new and needed insight but also reassures my plan forward. It has really helped me complete my development team."

Christian Harrison
Career High World Ranking #198

Mission Elite Tennis University is about creating Champions that have the tools and actually know how to win with them.

Through Mission Elite University you will...

Build the Tennis IQ and education necessary to outsmart your competitors.

Develop the ideal mentality and psychological strategy to outcompete your opponents.

Understand and implement the lifestyle and holistic approach required to be of the best in the world.

Course Curriculum

A small peak into our course:

Learn about your instructor, Raheel Manji, in this brief rundown about his past achievements surrounding his college, pro, and coaching career. You will also gain knowledge of what the upcoming weeks have to offer with a future look into your learning plan.

  • Match Breakdown - Class 1
  • Match Breakdown - Class 2
  • Elite Foundations Class - Class 1
  • Skill Test 1
  • Match Breakdown - Class 3
  • Match Breakdown - Class 4
  • Elite Foundations Class - Class 2
  • Skills Test 2
  • Match Breakdown - Class 5
  • Match Breakdown - Class 6
  • Elite Foundations Class - Class 3
  • Skills Test 3
  • Match Breakdown - Class 7
  • Match Breakdown - Class 8
  • Elite Foundations Class - Class 4
  • Skills Test 4

The final exam is unlocked in Week 5 and is the conclusion to your first month at Mission Elite Tennis University. It encompasses the scope of the entire course, including questions from the Foundational Class, Match Breakdown, and Support Services.

Even though this marks the end of month one, the learning process never ends. This is the first stepping stone in applying your newfound knowledge to your game on the path to having the mentality of a CHAMPION.

Instructor: Raheel Manji

CEO & Founder

  • ATP/WTA Tour Coach
  • ATP Masters 1000 Player
  • 4x Professional Title Holder
  • Director of Elite Team
The number of elite aspiring players that leave out incredible amounts of potential is astonishing. I am here to make sure that you don't become one of these players. If you follow my blueprint, a blueprint backed by intense research, data, and experience from some of the finest minds in the tennis and performance world, I can guarantee you major results.
Countless players show up to the courts and the gym, think they are doing everything they can, develop some tools and then wonder why they lack the results. The truth is, in taking that approach, not only are you missing out on a whole additional side of developmental edge, you aren't even being effective enough in the training you are currently doing. Our Tennis University was designed to complete you as a competitor, maximizing every area of performance.  By the end, you will be able to outsmart and outcompete your opponents, placing you on the most efficient and effective path to becoming one of the best in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is information that you couldn’t find anywhere else. This is because you are getting privately funded research and information from Mission Elite Performance and previous projects in association with the company. All of the invaluable lessons are showcased through a unique lens & perspective.

An average course typically consists of a 5-week cycle, that provides you with 4 Foundational Classes, 8 Match Breakdown Classes, and 4 Personalized Support Team Sessions (Mental Performance, Fitness, Visualization, Nutrition, Yoga, etc). Every program is personalized to fit your specific needs so that you can grow your strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

IT'S UP TO YOU. This course is going to give you knowledge, strategy, and guidance. However, the main thing that it will give you is awareness. This awareness will help you set realistic goals for yourself based on the tools we give you. It is up to YOU, the athlete, to implement our professional instruction into your development.

YES! Every single tennis player has a starting point. Every single player has different goals from everyone else. One thing that remains constant, is the fact that there is an enormous side to the performance, that the majority of players are overlooking. Mission Elite Tennis University is here to make sure you are not one of those players.

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